Staff Top Ten Picks: Josh Packard

We have some 'summer-in-January' shopping suggestions from guest blogger Josh Packard today...


We'll be hosting guest bloggers from our LJBTC team weekly throughout January and into February, each sharing their top currently in-stock items in a 'Staff Top Ten Picks' feature.

Josh brings impeccable customer service, amazing attitude and an eye for men's style to our team (learn more about our Shop team here).  Josh's love of the outdoors and athletics (including basketball, billiards and golf among his other many endeavors) inform his sporty style choices below!

See Josh's current Shop merchandise picks here...




  1. Birdwell Beach Britches…  Birdwells are a So-Cal favorite, beginning with their humble family roots in a 1961 Santa Ana home-turned-sewing-factory. Today Birdwells are still sewn by hand, are always made in America, and remind us that if something isn’t broken, it doesn't need to be fixed. Here at LJBTC we’re lucky to have beach weather the year around, but a pair of Birdwell Beach Britches will be sure to put you on “beach time” regardless of the weather. $69
  2. Rainbow sandals…  Rainbow Sandals are another local favorite, the first pairs were created in a Laguna Beach garage in 1972. These sandals are virtually indestructible and have been designed with “memory”, to mold to one’s feet. I always love to slip into mine after a long day on the golf course, after hiking, or playing tennis. $52, available in light and dark brown
  3. Von Zipper Battlestations sunglasses…  VonZipper is an Orange County-based manufacturer of sunglasses, goggles and accessories designed for surfers and action sport enthusiasts. These Battlestations series sunglasses are available in the popular Elmore frame with camouflage print on the sides. Wear these to match your favorite fatigues or to show support for our troops! $105
  4. Nixon Time Teller Acetate in Camouflage…  Nixon watches are an LJBTC favorite among resort guests, members, and staff alike. The Time Teller Acetate is a perfect combination of functionality and style. The camouflage print is a new take on this classic look and would be an ideal match with a pair of Battlestations Sunglasses! $150
  5. Under Armour backpack…  This backpack is lightweight and is ready for whatever you might have on your schedule. Use it to stash a change of clothes for a day at the beach, to pack your laptop and carry-ons for your next flight, or as a lightweight tennis bag. Available for purchase here$49, available in grey and navy
  6. RVCA Marrow III shorts…  These are what I like to call “all day” shorts, since you can wear them the whole day and they will fit any occasion. I like how I can wear mine to play golf in the morning, out for lunch in the afternoon, and then to the beach for sunset. $58; 65% polyester / 35% viscose
  7. Under Armour ¼ zip lightweight pullover…  Even though our “winter” has been full of sun and weather in the 70s, there will be some chilly evenings and mornings ahead (sorry to rub it in, East Coasters). This lightweight pullover is a perfect base-layer piece for the colder days, or great as outerwear for a morning on the courts or the course. $70, 100% polyester
  8. Straight Down Fairway pullover…  Straight Down is a luxury golf and lifestyle company which provides classic, functional sportswear for a refined taste. The Fairway Pullover is a great way to create a classy look with both slacks and jeans alike. $125; 55% cotton / 32% polyester / 13% acrylic
  9. 'Rednek' Sippers…  These novelty mason jar glasses with straws are sure to be a hit at your next house or beach party. These conversation starters allow you to enjoy your beverage in style and turn some heads while doing so. I personally appreciate the lids, they account for my clumsiness and keep the flies from enjoying your drink with you. $15 for set of 2 sippers
  10. Wildfox Couture sweatpants… These sweatpants are not available for men, at least not yet. But when they are, I will be first on the list to get a pair! These sweatpants are amazingly soft and comfortable… or so I hear. $82; 47% rayon / 47% polyester / 6% spandex

All products here available through the Tennis Shop at 858.551.4680 or!

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