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Nicole DeMore

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Round 1 of Project Photo Shoot complete!  Our goal?  To provide our customers with photos of real life people in our merchandise.  Many pics up and running already and more coming over the next week, stay tuned!!! Special thanks to Allison Anne Johnson Photography, see more of her work on her website here and her Facebook page here!  (As well as to the variety of friends and family that we begged to make their most modely poses possible.  So very appreciated!)

Give Me Your Best 'Blue Steel'...

We set out on a mission last weekend with a massive photo shoot of all our best looks for this online shop.  And we learned a lot - about organizing a shoot, about retail / merchandise posing, about begging people to model for us.  Our photographer, Allison Anne Johnson (see her site, here: or follow her on Facebook here) had taken some amazing shots for us last summer, including the awesomeness here:       So naturally we desperately needed her help with this project.  We packed it all up, bribed some models, arranged about a zillion merchandise shots, had several days...

No Disrespect to Our Mannequins...

Nicole DeMore

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(Ours actually have names - more on that another time.)  But we want to provide our online shoppers photos of the merchandise on real, live people.  So this week we packed up all our best (including a few new items to be added online this week!) for a big, fancy photo shoot this weekend.  So far so good, check back to see some behind-the-scenes action soon!