Here's Hoping For...

Nicole DeMore

Tags More Sun, Wildfox Couture

all the rain California needs today and then lots of sun for our big Memorial Day Weekend!  These Wildfox Couture sweatshirts get our vibe...          

Have You Seen Our New French Label...?

Nicole DeMore

Tags Sundress

Doesn't that sound fancy?!  And it is...our newest beach line, Sundress, is full of bright and bold sundresses and beach coverups.  Summer season starts this weekend, be ready!                                                           

And Now Back To Our Regularly Scheduled Program...

Nicole DeMore

Tags Ella Moss, Por Favor, Sol Angeles

We've been a little remiss about blogging lately, Shop life has been crazy!  'Por Favor' - please forgive us!  (Sol Angeles brand sweatshirt and Ella Moss brand lace shorts shown in photograph.)                                                                                                                We're back at it, not to worry...but we have been busy on Instagram,...

T Minus Two Weeks...

Nicole DeMore

Tags holiday merchandise, online shop, Thanksgiving

Until it's time to gobble til ya wobble.  Thanksgiving is officially less than two weeks away.  Pretty thankful to work on the beach with amazing Club members, guests and staff here at LJBTC!                                 We're adding a bunch more merchandise to our online shop this week so that you all have plenty to shop from for holiday.... any requests?  Email us at!

The Countdown to the Holiday Weekend...

Nicole DeMore

Tags holiday weekend, Lucy Love, RVCA, summer styles

Is so ON! New summer styles in every day, including these new men's boardshorts from RVCA and ladies' tops from Lucy Love!